What sets exceptional leaders apart from the ordinary ones?

Effective leadership is not built on mere power and authority. It is also rooted on certain traits and qualities that separate the ordinary and the remarkable leader. What then sets them apart? Forbes attributes the ability to communicate and delegate, a sense of humor, and commitment to great leadership. Inc.com adds optimism, empathy, and altruism as qualities that true leaders possess.

Steve Liefschultz takes these qualities home to his firm, Equity Bank. With years in leadership positions in various industries, Mr. Liefschultz is proof that having the above qualities leads to a legacy deserving commendation.

As a lawyer, Mr. Liefschultz’ profession spanned for more than a decade representing clients in three law firms, namely Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ceresi, Liefschultz & Dunn, and Liefschultz Law Firm. He specialized in commercial real estate and contract negotiations representing management and commercial litigation.

As a real estate investor, he has worked in a number of projects since 1976. To date, he is the chairman and CEO of The Remada Company where he purchased, managed, developed, and sold of approximately 3500 multifamily units in Minnesota. Moreover, his commercial real estate holdings are in varied locations across the state.

As a banker, Mr. Liefschultz’ acuity is impressed on his work as a founding member of First Bank of Florida in Naples and his purchase of Equity Bank, among others.

Even with the vast industry experience of Mr. Liefschultz, leading is never easy, especially when it involves unchartered waters, uncertainties, and high risks, all of which do not spare the most stable of organizations. But as natural leadership qualities kick in, exceptional leaders face challenges with confidence.

Image Source: trainingjournal.com

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