Minneapolis and Commerce: Reasons for doing Business in the Twin Cities

There are many good things that a person can say about Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of them is being one of the easiest places to do business. The entrepreneurial community in the city is strong and diverse. The variety is built on the premise that there are numerous companies in the area—be it large or small, startup or seasoned, and traditional or innovative.

Image source: donolsonphotography.com

Many industries thrive the area, including finance, merchandising, and education. Minneapolis supports innovation and new ideas; that is why it has become a melting pot for many breakthroughs and business feats. Harvard Business Review even ranked Minnesota as the second most conducive state for innovators.

The workforce in Minneapolis is also top notch because the majority are well educated and experienced. In a population of about half a million, the labor force numbers to more than 300,000. In fact, Minneapolis is at the top of the list of “smartest people” and “America’s most literate cities.”

The Twin Cities also has numerous colleges and universities where businesses can their new employees (and future leaders) from. It is also home to senior business pundits—from patent attorneys to classy designers—that companies need for their ventures to succeed. Finally, it is also one of the first cities to provide its residents, businesses, and visitors access to a wireless connection anywhere in the district so that people can stay connected all the time. Reports show that Minneapolis has the second fastest broadband speed in the country.

Image source: amongmen.com

For more about business opportunities in Minneapolis, subscribe to this blog for Steve Liefschultz, Equity Bank CEO.


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